Tomaquag Museum’s Summer               S.T.E.A.M. CamP

The 2017 S.T.E.A.M. Camp at Tomaquag Museum is sponsored and Supported by:  Raytheon Company, The Exley & Catalino Family, and the Narragansett Indian Health Center


The Tomaquag Museum's Summer S.T.E.A.M. Camp is a Free educational Program, sponsored by raytheon Company and the yates family, Created for Native American youth ages 9-15 and Supported by Tomaquag Museum Staff, Interns, and Tribal Elders. The goal is to weave Native culture, environmental studies, Math, Science & the arts with loads of fun!  The children themselves will be documenting the experience daily. Their photographs and videos will be shared here for all to enjoy.  Take a look and come back to see more added each week! 

Week One: Aûke...Earth

Week One focused on the Earth.  Campers worked in teams to create a model fishing camp in preparation of building the actual structures; they competed in teams to build a shelter aiming for height but also considering stability and functionality; they made traditional gardening tools; began work in the three sister's garden; and also played lots and lots of games!  

Week two: Mamahche Kesuk...Air 

Week Two focused on Air, particularly wind, weather, and astronomy.  This week construction on the longhouse began and the wetu structure was completed.  We focused on the engineering behind building a sound structure that could hold up in different weather conditions.  The children also spent some time in the garden weeding and gathering squash, cucumbers and lettuce so they could enjoy a nice salad at lunch. We learned about how different weather patterns can affect gardening.  We created wind chimes, played a few parachute games, made our own parachutes and held some friendly competitions around wind and weather patterns including an egg drop challenge.  We also shared some traditional stories related to astronomy and incorporated some movement with a feather dance! 

Week Three: Yòte...Fire

We started the week with a rainy day but we didn't let it dampen our enthusiasm.  This week is all about fire!  Starting with some pottery, we're learning about the process of traditional pottery making and how big a role fire plays in this process.  We made baskets for picking blueberries that we later enjoyed with some traditional johnny cakes.  Counselor Robin Spears III showed us how to make fire without matches, it was difficult!  We got it smoking but never quite got it to light up, but the process was amazing.  We finished the week with a trip to Ninigret Park where we explored, made fishing nets and even caught blue shell crabs!  

Week Four: Nippe...Water

Week Four we focused on water.  We had a waterslide challenge, a float challenge, and also made our own traditional water drums. Construction on the longhouse was completed and we worked hard to finish up all our projects to present to our families on the final day of camp.  To celebrate our summer, we spent the day at Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association for some kayaking.  Our last day was Thursday, August 3rd.  We presented our weekly creations to our families and shared what we learned about these four elements and how these activities related to science, math and engineering.  We're really proud of all we accomplished in just four weeks.  Thank you for following our journey!