This site is a companion to Dawnland Voices: Indigenous Writings from New England, edited by Siobhan Senier with 11 tribal editors and published in 2014 by the University of Nebraska Press.  Both the anthology and this website showcase the wide variety of literature produced by Native people from this region. Tribal archives and contemporary authors are contributing individual items from their collections: letters, political petitions, stories, and photographs. Check out archival documents from Tomaquag's Princess Red Wing collection

Narragansett Book List:

  • The Invasion of America by Francis Jennings
  • The Narragansett People by Ethel Boissevain
  • A History of the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island by Robert A. Geake
  • Native People of Southern New England 1500 - 1650 by Kathleen J. Bragdon
  • Native People of Southern New England 1650 - 1775 by Kathleen J. Bragdon
  • The Narragansett by William F. Simmons
  • Native American Archaeology in Rhode Island published by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission
  • Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England by William Cronon
  • Through Our Eyes, An Indigenous View of Mashapaug Pond edited by Dawn Dove and Holly Ewald

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Booklets $5.00 each

  • The Pursuit of Happiness: An Indigenous View, The Narragansett People Speak by Dawn Dove*
  • Indians Of Southern New England by Princess Red Wing
  • A Basket’s Own Story by Paulla Jennings
  • Painted and Stamped Designs on Ash Splint Baskets by Dawn Dove
  • Ellison “Tarzan” Brown: Indian Marathon Runner, by Grace Dowdell


  • Places, Memories, Stories and Dreams: The Gifts of Inspiration by Paulla Dove Jennings, film by Jerred Best*** ($18)
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: An Indigenous View, The Narragansett People Speak by Dawn Dove ($15)*
  • Sovereign Neighbor, Sovereign Nation by Kendall Moore ($12)
  • How Bird’s Got Their Song : An animation by the students of Nuweetooun School ($5)

Slide Presentations/CDs $10.00 each

  • Eastern Woodland Native Arts by Lorén Spears & Paulla Jennings**
  • Ecology of Mother Earth: A Narragansett Perspective by Lorén Spears

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