Featured Exhibits

Explore over 10 exhibits focused on the Indigenous peoples of North America with a primary focus on the Narragansett & other Southern New England Tribes. Explore on your own or join one of our complimentary guided tours adjusted to engage children and adults with various focuses such as Arts, Nature, History, Social Justice & many more.  Here are just a few of our featured exhibits!  


Contemporary Art

A New Exhibit which premiered in 2017 features local Indigenous artists!  Each month we will be featuring a new artist to show the diversity of work in our community.  Come learn their stories and purchase a piece!  Many of these pieces will be for sale!

New Exhibit for 2018!

Deer Foot

Learn about the amazing life of a real Rhode Island hero! The prominent marathon runner and Olympic athlete  Ellison "Tarzan" Brown, who was first and foremost a Narragansett. Come hear his amazing story! 

Newly renovated for 2018!



Wunnegen Manootash (Beautiful Baskets)

The Eastern Woodland Basket Exhibit was newly updated at the end of 2017.  It now highlights ash splint baskets from southern New England and the unique tradition of basket stamping. 

Visit this newly revamped exhibit now!

"Wampum: Telling our Story"

 Learn about the true meaning of wampum! This exhibit shares the history, art and culture pertaining to wampum use in the Narragansett community.  A beautiful gift from the ocean.  



"Framing Community Spirit: The Narragansett Indian Church"

The "Framing Community Spirit: The Narragansett Indian Church" exhibit traces the history and significance of the church through the eyes of tribal elders. Come learn how this meeting house became a treasured center of the Narragansett community.  

"The Pursuit of Happiness: An Indigenous View"

Explore Narragansett history through "The Pursuit of Happiness: An Indigenous View", a travel through time which reflects on the denial of Indigenous right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Newly Removated for 2018!