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Tomaquag Museum is dedicated to educating the public and promote thoughtful dialogue regarding Indigenous history, culture, arts, Mother Earth and to connect to native issues of today.

About IEN

Paula Dove Jennings - Storytelling Strawberry Thanksgiving 2014 at Tomaquag Museum

Paula Dove Jennings - Storytelling Strawberry Thanksgiving 2014 at Tomaquag Museum

Indigenous Empowerment Network

The Indigenous Empowerment Network (IEN) has grown from a conceptual idea into a functioning and impactful tool for our Indigenous community. When IEN was first conceived, it was thought to be a bridge from our Indigenous community to the outlying community here in Rhode Island. Often times that outlying community can feel a world away for many of our people.  As IEN has grown, we have found this to be true, but also feel that we are more than just the bridge.  We have developed different levels of relationships with partners and developed new relationships with organizations/businesses on a continual basis. IEN is ever changing its function and ability to fit the needs of the community it serves.  It is based in mutual learning, with shared goals and with a long term goal of being a model for other culturally specific/tribal museums on how they can effect change in their community through empowerment utilizing education, job training and jobs as a catalyst.  


The Indigenous Empowerment Network strives to eradicate poverty in the Indigenous Community of Rhode Island through education, cultural competency, job training, and employment, at the Tomaquag Museum and our ever expanding network of partners.  


The Indigenous Empowerment Network envisions its future as a viable program, that helps Tomaquag Museum continue its future as an Indigenous Cultural Education destination that engages visitors in thoughtful dialogue that promotes understanding and strives to create experiences that experiences that transform people's lives by broadening their perspectives, attitudes, and knowledge of Indigenous Cultures and then interrelationship with the wider world, by executing the mission of the Indigenous Empowerment Network.