Expired Vacancies at AS220

AS220 has 3 vacancies opening up at the Mercantile Block September 1, 2017.

Two are subsidized units with income restrictions and one has no income restrictions. Our target residents are working artists who need affordable housing who will participate in the arts community. There is a monthly 5 hour volunteer commitment to AS220 as part of the lease. Please be realistic about being able and willing to fulfill this commitment. We hope to continue to build and support a permanent arts community in downtown Providence. There is no parking with any of our spaces and the building is a non smoking building. Cats are allowed in this building with a $250 pet fee but no dogs please.  They are as follows:

Unit 305 is 785 square feet. This is a unit that falls into the income level that cannot exceed $25,250 for single occupancy or $28,850 for double occupancy annual gross income. The monthly rent is $617 per month.

Unit 311 is 788 square feet. This unit falls into the income level that cannot exceed $30,300 per month for single occupancy or $34,620 for double occupancy annual gross income.

Unit 408 is 801 square feet. This unit is unrestricted so has no income cap. The rent is $1115 per month. 

The subsidized units must submit extensive income documentation as well as the completion of the forms. Your annual gross income must be at least double what your annual rent would be to qualify. Tenant pays their electric bill. A utility allowance has been factored into the aforementioned rents.

The applications are also time date stamped so the earlier you get your application in the better. Only complete applications can be considered and will receive the time date stamp at that time all materials are received. You can find the application attached or online at https://as220.org/livework-studios/vacancies/

The deadline for applications is July 31, 2017 at Midnight. 

Please send applications to:  susan@as220.org

or mail or hand deliver them to:


c/o Susan Clausen

95 Mathewson Street #204

Providence, RI 02903

Marketing Assistant