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Tomaquag Museum provides Indigenous culture based programs for Rhode Island residents and tourists from around the world. Thank you for your past support!
Our mission is to educate the public, promoting thoughtful dialogue around Indigenous history, culture, arts, Mother Earth, and contemporary Native issues. We strive to be an Indigenous Cultural Education organization, offering experiences that transform people's lives by broadening their perspectives, attitudes, and knowledge of Indigenous Cultures and the interrelationship with the wider world.
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Tomaquag had over 30 partnerships last year including 23 as part of the NEA Big Read. We would love to forge one with your organizationAlong with our public programs, performances, and art workshops, we have launched a video podcast series, Indigenous Artways. It is free to subscribe through Apple iTunes or our website. Your support will help visitors near & far engage in stimulating Indigenous content.
Your support allows Tomaquag staff to create new tours, workshops, programs and lectures to inspire thoughtful dialogue and engaging learning experiences for all ages from pre-school to Elders. It allows for student interns to work in collections, archives, museum education and administration. Your investment in Tomaquag Museum invests in RI jobs and growing our economy. Thank you!

  • "It was fantastic to have a more intimate, personal feel to learning about an indigenous group. The connections to family, the video presentation, games, and craft made for an engaging experience."
  • “I really enjoyed making Dream catchers and playing games. Interaction made learning more fun and personal.”
  • “I really enjoyed listening to your personal stories because it made it so real and very educational. Thanks for everything!”

These meaningful cultural experiences would not be possible without your support. Please donate to Tomaquag Museum to help us to engageeducate, and provide meaningful experiences for all visitors to Tomaquag Museum.

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