The Boyz

The Boyz


Recorded live at the 2012 Prairie Band Potawatomi Powwow in Mayetta, Kansas.
Track listings:
1. Wambdi by Ev Moore for Wambdi Clairmont
2. Cree Intertribal by Troy Bicenti
3. Nay Nay by Ev Moore for Anais Wahpepah
4. Fancy Trick by Ginew Benton
5. Serious by Joe Syrette
6. Wayne Qay by Ev Moore
7. Quan’s by Quanah La Rose

8. Us vs. You by Bud Day
9. Walden’s IT  by Walden Tewawina

10. Troy’s IT by Troy Bicenti

11. Foot Slide by Bud Day

12. Straight TBZ by Troy Bicenti

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