“Just watched you receive the award from Michelle Obama. You continue to inspire me with all you do. I can think of no one more worthy of an honor like this. Congratulations!!”  

-Janet Dean, Professor of English and Cultural Studies, Bryant University


“Tomaquag was a big part of my childhood. I can't count the number of times I walked up there to the museum and poked around. I loved the massive dugout canoe that hung from the ceiling and Princess Red Wing was always so kind. So proud of the award and how hard you've worked to preserve your heritage.” 

-Jennifer Dolan


“I also want to offer my appreciation for the vitally important work that you do at Tomaquag and beyond.   I've been keeping up with all your efforts and they are nothing short of incredible!  Congratulations and thank you!”

-Warmly, Barbara

“Michael, when Lorén plugs in her high energy into your tech abilities, together you have accomplished wonderful things! Great job, Loren, and Michael, you let Loren reach out to the world!”

-Tom Helmer


“Loren – I hope you are truly lavished with accolades for your achievement and the success of the museum.  Congratulations to you, your Board and all members that make it all happen.”

-Sheilia Terranova Beattie, Cornerstone Self Storage


“What a glorious service Channing experienced today! Thanks to our wonderful new friend, Loren Spears, and to all of you.  We did Earth Day proud!  I came away feeling that if our ancestors had listened more than they preached, and given more than they took, our indigenous hosts would have had more say in how our nation was run, and we'd be facing way fewer problems than we are today. Thank you again for the gift we all gave one another today, the gift we gave to Channing, and the gift you gave to me.”