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Youth Programs for Pre-K through Grade 12

Tomaquag Museum can come to you! Tomaquag Museum offers visiting museum educator services right to your doorstep!  Schools, Libraries, Universities, Museums, and more! We cater to all ages and abilities and can make any program fit your group’s needs, desired learning topics, or cultural experiences.  All of our staff are members of Indigenous American tribes and present a first person perspective on our history, culture, art, and life-ways.  Every program includes our basic program that includes an educational presentation accompanied by our traveling exhibit.  You then have the option to add-on any of our special activities to enhance your program. Check out our program offerings below!

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Thank You for giving such a wonderful presentation for my school at the Tomaquag Museum. I learned about the detribalization of the Narragansett. I also learned about the many inaccuracies in our history books. I learned about the genocides of the English against the Narragansetts. Thank you again for teaching us so much.
— Rachel

Visiting Museum Educator:

Perfect for smaller group (45 maximum), all of our visiting educators are members of Indigenous American tribes, offering a first person perspective on the history, culture and arts of Eastern Woodland people. Along with an educational presentation, Tomaquag’s visiting educators come with a traveling exhibit that includes cultural items for viewing and interaction, great for sensory exploration. A traditional music demonstration or one traditional story may be included; Audience participation is highly encouraged. Programs can be adjusted to a specific focus area upon request.  

Pricing:  Beginning at $350/hour for groups up to 45 maximum,  for groups over 45 there is an additional $8 per person fee. Additional $150 for specialized topic areas.

Game Program:

Along with the basic program, the game program includes an additional half hour exploration of traditional Eastern Woodland games such as: 

  • Hubbub 
  • Ring and Pin
  • Hand game
  • Moccasin game 

There are also some seasonal options so speak with our staff to determine the best game choice for the size of your group. 

Pricing: Beginning at $450/1.5 hours for groups up to 45 maximum,  for groups over 45 there is an additional $12 per person fee.      

Indigenous Film with Q&A

Incorporate an Indigenous Film presentation into our basic program followed by a question and answer session or we can provide this as a stand alone program. Contact us to request a current film list with synopsis. 

Pricing: Begins at $500/1.5 hours for groups up to 45 maximum,  for groups over 45 there is an additional $12 per person fee. 

Cultural Slide Presentation

Need a visual? We offer cultural slideshow presentations provided by our senior staff, all of whom specialize in a myriad of topics ranging from Eastern Woodland Ecology, social justice, and current event.  Ask to see a full list of our current presentation topics. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can also create a presentation on any specialized topic area specifically designed to meet your needs.   

Pricing: Begins at $500/1.5 hours for groups up to 45 maximum,  for groups over 45 there is an additional $12 per person fee. Additional $150 for specialized topic areas.  

Art Workshop

Get creative with an instructional workshop to learn a traditional art form.  We can provide an art workshop as a stand alone program or added on to our basic program, you decide! Choose from any of the following:  

  • Beginner’s Dream Catcher 
  • Corn Husk Dolls 
  • Beaded Necklace or Ring 
  • Make your own Ring & Pin Game  

Ready for something little more in-depth?  Opt for a specialized art workshop, great for older participants.  Choose from: 

  • Traditional Pinch Pots
  • Advanced Dream Catcher
  • Adorned Corn Husk Dolls 
  • Beaded Earrings or Pins
  • Bone Chokers
  • Trinket Baskets  

When booking, speak to our staff about the best choice for your age group and time limits! 

Pricing: Art Workshops begin at $400/2 hours with a maximum group size of 25, fee for additional participants.

Storytelling Programs

Traditional storytellers are specialized artists and performers. Each one unique in his/her own way.  As such, these programs offer something extra special.  For small groups up to 45, we can provide storytelling as a stand alone program or as an addition to the basic program.

Pricing: Storytelling Programs begin at $600 per hour for groups up to 45.  Additional participants are $15 per person.  For large groups over 100, we offer a special Storytelling and Cultural Exhibition, please call to enquire.   

Virtual Classroom

Looking for a cost-effective option?  With online programs like Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, even Flipgrid, our educators can visit you anywhere, anytime!

Pricing: Begins at $200 for a 45 minute program. Contact us to learn more.  


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