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UPP Arts Training Opportunity for Educators

UPP Arts  Legacy Project has started! Thank you all for the years of shaping our work. Over the next two years we will be collecting  and organizing UPP's physical and digital archives to be permanently preserved in Providence Public Library's Rhode Island Collection as well as creating professional development workshops so you can continue this work in your classrooms.

Our first training is August 1st and 2nd!

Please consider attending our 2-half day professional development training workshop for teachers, educators and teaching artists to learn more about UPP Arts' unique approach to fostering environmental awareness through artmaking.

Presentations by classroom teachers and discussion will demonstrate how UPP's site-based learning methods can be used in schools and community centers. Teaching artists will help us all think in new ways across curriculum. A  $50 stipend for each day is available to participating educators and teaching artists. Space is limited

Day 1, August 1, from 9am - 1 pm

  • Learn about individual approaches to incorporating Mashapaug Pond into curricula. Presenters Include: Dave Evans, Science teacher at Alvarez High School; Jennifer Geller, Social Studies Teacher at Central High School; Brendan Haggerty, Chemistry teacher and Instructional Guide for Teachers at The Greene School.

  • Learn techniques to create an art project that incorporates history and  environmental concerns led by a veteran UPP Arts Teaching Artist Anna Snyder

  • Network and brainstorm with artists, community group representatives, and colleagues

Day 2, August 2, from 9 am - 1 pm

  • Begin planning for the upcoming school year and a collective student sharing event in May with fellow teachers internally and in conjunction with the other high schools.

  • Massage your creative muscle with exercises led by artists

  • Explore potential projects that involve youth, environmental stewardship and the arts with fellow community representatives and teaching artists.

  • A google folder will be set up to share curricula notes and ideas

Please contact UPP Arts to register if you plan to attend.

Visit for information about our projects and resources

UPP Arts
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UPP Arts engages artists and communities in public art-making for the purpose of celebrating and building stewardship of our shared environment.