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Children's Hour - Strawberries

Click on photo to go to Tomaquag’s Children’s Hour Page

Click on photo to go to Tomaquag’s Children’s Hour Page

Strawberry Thanksgiving at Tomaquag Museum is this weekend! Start the celebration early at this week’s children’s hour. We’ll be making strawberry moon tea and we need your help! It’s a taste test, and you decide whether honey, maple syrup, or plain sugar make the best sweetener for this traditional tea. Enjoy your glass as we listen to a story about the first strawberries! Have you ever considered what grows all around us? From food to technology, medicine to spirituality, nature can truly provide us with everything we need. Starting May 1st to the end of August at Children's Hour, we are focusing traditional uses of indigenous plants.

Children’s Hour at Tomaquag Museum is a FREE public program held every Wednesday morning from 10:00-11:00 am for children of all ages. Each week features a different interactive lesson. Through music, dance, storytelling, crafts and Narragansett language, museum educators focus on Indigenous New England history, culture and art.

Thank you to our sponsors from USDA Rural Development Grant and Rhode Island State Council for the Arts! For more information, contact us at 401-491-9063 or email