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Tomaquag Museum is dedicated to educating the public and promote thoughtful dialogue regarding Indigenous history, culture, arts, Mother Earth and to connect to native issues of today.

The Gifts of Inspiration (Vol 2)

The Gift of Inspiration

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The Gifts of Inspiration (Vol 2)

Gifts Of Inspiration_Digital_Vol_2.jpg
Gifts Of Inspiration_Digital_Vol_2.jpg

The Gifts of Inspiration (Vol 2)


The gifts of Inspiration features a collection of stories and recollections by Narragansett tribal elder, Paulla Dove Jennings. 

Volume 2 contains  the following stories:

1.)  August Meeting Grounds: A story about the Narragansett Powwow, the oldest social gathering in recorded history, and of a young Narragansett girl dancer. 

3.) Great Swamp: This is the story of King Phillip's war, and of how the Narragansett Sheltered the Wampanoag from the colonists at that time.


Paulla Dove Jennings is a nationally renowned story teller and the curator of the Tomaquag Museum in Rhode Island.


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